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It's Her Wedding Day!

Chimére LaDawn Beauty’s Bridal Makeup Application Options:

The Most Beautiful Bride - Bridal Consultation -The bride receives a full makeup application during an in-depth bridal consultation that will address all products/tools utilized, services and special accommodations for all other bridal party members, scheduling information, and an overview of all contractual agreements between the bride and Chimére LaDawn Beauty.

The Most Beautiful Bride, Bridal Makeup Application The bride receives a full makeup application during her wedding day.

It's a Party! - All other bridal party members will receive full makeup applications to compliment bridal makeup for the wedding day.

Chimére LaDawn Beauty’s Makeup Application Options:

The Chimére LaDawn Beauty Experience - The next time you attend that party, wedding, or event, you're guaranteed to be the star of the show. Chimére LaDawn Beauty will travel to your location to help you decide upon a glamorous look that compliments the occasion.

The Beautiful Prom Affair  - This prom beautiful campaign, created in 2012, is for the you, the middle or high school client, who wants the glamour, fun, chic makeup application without having to leave your home just before one of the biggest nights of your life. Chimére LaDawn Beauty will travel to your location to help choose a look that compliments your dress/apparel, personality, and image.

The Beauty Up-Close & Personal Makeup Lesson - Turn off YouTube! Stop telling your friends that you wish your makeup could be as beautiful as theirs. Learn makeup techniques to help you master the perfect red lip or brow. Are you still struggling with applying false lashes? Looking for the right foundation shade? Book a 1.5 hour lesson with Chimére LaDawn, who will review your current makeup bag, help make product recommendations suitable for your new look, and interactively show you how to apply your makeup confidently and with the same skill as your favorite artists.

All full makeup applications will include brow grooming, foundation, eyeshadow, and lipstick applications, along with a false strip eyelash application, unless otherwise stated.

Prospective Chimére LaDawn Beauty clients should fill out the inquiry form found in the ‘Bookings’ section to have a complimentary phone consultation to discuss further details concerning your makeup application.

Payment options: Paypal.me and $Chimere CashApp