Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1:
How does CLB determine service rates and pricing information?

ANSWER: Makeup application service rates are determined by a few factors that include, but are no limited to, the makeup application (or an hourly rate), a makeup/supply restocking fee, and a transportation fee. There are no additional surcharges and/or hidden fees included in a quoted rate. 

Also, CLB's service rates are also standard to fellow beauty service providers in the District, Maryland, and Virginia. 

Question 2:
Will CLB travel to and from my location to provide services?

ANSWER: CLB has consistently maintained an accommodating and above-satisfactory reputation of traveling to clients to provide services. This assures that you are confident in an environment comfortable for you. During special occasions, we can travel to your home. And for bridal events, we can meet you and your party at a hotel or the bridal suite of your choice. Travel fees are already included into rates so there are no additional fees incurred by you upon receiving a particular service. 

Question 3:
Will I have to provide my own makeup and beauty supplies? 

ANSWER:Traditionally, CLB maintains a makeup kit with products and tools that can accommodate an array of clients and services. You usually will not need to provide any of your own makeup and beauty supplies unless you love a particular shade of a product or have a dermatological allergy or skin condition that requires you to utilize a brand or type of makeup. 

Question 4:
If I'd like to book with CLB now! What needs to happen to complete the process? 

ANSWER: We are so excited that you want to book with us! In order to be booked and scheduled on our calendar, all clients are responsible for making a 25% deposit down to secure an appointment. Usually, all deposit payments are made electronically using the link or SquareCash, with an invoice sent to your email address. You will have two business days to make your deposit before the date you've requested will be cleared and offered to another prospective client, at their request. 

Deposit payments will not be returned upon your cancellation. They will only be returned upon any services cancelled by CLB.

Question 5:
I'd like to speak with you about your rates, scheduling a makeup consultation, and other concerns. How may I contact you? 

ANSWER: CLB is committed to answering all of your questions and addressing concerns so let's schedule a complimentary phone consultation at your convenience. We understand that time and availability makes email and written communication more convenient. But we look forward to speaking to you to discuss your makeup application and the other details that will make your event special.