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As a makeup artist, Chimére L. Smith not only understands the visual representation that women want to possess but she knows how to attract more with less. With over a decade-long career as a makeup artist, she enjoyed a four-year stint as a MAC Cosmetics freelance artist, assisted and interned with Pretty Much Academy founder and entrepreneur, Jamaya Moore, and has a reputation for being a timely, pleasant artist specializing in bridal and special occasion makeup. She has a repeat client base that increases annually. She has worked with former The Oprah Winfrey Show makeup artist, Reggie Wells, and famed photographer, Derek Blanks. Chimére‘s work has been featured on Essence.com and Black Brides 1998. Over the last three years, Chimére has balanced her two careers as a middle school teacher and makeup artist.

Chimére L. Smith

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always just wanted to help others. Each Summer, I looked forward to spending time with my great-aunts, Rosie and Tenie, because I wanted to help them prepare meals, clean, and care for others. I found that doing as much as I could for others, helped me to appreciate my own life and gifts more. Of all the aspects of my life, it is one I am the most proudest. 

It's this need to help people that has driven my love for applying makeup on clients. And providing bridal makeup services is my absolute favorite. Many times, my one role as a bridal makeup artist can transcend into so many others. I've arranged flowers, called vendors, dried tears (while shedding a few of my own from pure joy), and straightened veils. Most of all, I've been a voice of reassurance to clients whose only desire was to feel as beautiful as the moment they were sharing with families, friends, and as a wedding guest on a few occasions, me. There is no better feeling than knowing that a woman, nervous with wedding jitters, can depend on and trust me to assist in establishing sensibility, calmness, and familiarity, beyond just applying makeup. 

I've established a reputation of bringing laughter, joy, and a classic, ethereal beauty to an array of clients, from corporate executives to those preparing for celebratory milestones. What first became a way to rebel from my mother's 'no makeup' rule while in college, has become my artistic outlet to create glamour in a way that's still unparalleled to other forms. No one can deny a beautiful woman with skillfully-applied lipstick or smoldering eyeliner. Even while picking up a magazine of the latest beauty trends, I am still taken aback by women who are breathtakingly gorgeous with genetics and an incredible makeup artist to thank. I'm thrilled to know that I, in many ways, contribute to this echelon of beauty. 

And as a woman who understands that becoming an expert is as much about seeking and gaining more knowledge than simply labeling myself an expert, I aspire to continue to help others while educating myself, preparing to enroll in more makeup application and business classes to further Chimére LaDawn Beauty and the gift of makeup application. 

I hope that you and I can take a wonderful, exciting, and beautiful journey together. 

Chimére L. Smith, Makeup Artist

Chimére LaDawn Beauty